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Dennis Weaver's Big Day

Angler: Dennis Weaver

Tournament: Permian Bass Club Classic Championship

Standing: 1st - Tournament Winner!

Location: Choke Canyon Reservoir, Texas

Fish Weight (lb): 14.478 !!

Bait Used: Cyclone Baits - Thunder Rattle Jig (1/2oz. Alligator)


The same jig that caught this trophy bass is now 33% OFF! Get hooked up on a Cyclone Baits - Thunder Rattle Jig!

Story: Dennis Weaver, Sequin, Texas, fished a local club tournament, March 10-11, 2007. Dennis was pleased to win the tournament, but the real prize was hooking up a 14.478 lb lunker on a Cyclone Baits - Thunder Rattle Jig!

The story starts out with Bayou Outdoors sponsoring a fishing tournament on Lake Sam Rayburn, Texas, where Dennis received a diddy bag with a Cyclone Baits, alligator colored 1/2 oz., Thunder Rattle Jig. The jig made its way to the Permian Bass Club Classic Championship in Dennis' tackle box. Now, Dennis was not familiar with Cyclone Baits, but the morning of the tournament, he was looking to throw a jig of a certain color, and that's when he found the Thunder Rattle Jig, and it joined the hunt for a big fish. Dennis threw the jig and... WHAM!! - hooked up a 7.5 pound hog on his first cast. Soon after, a big sow of a bass was on the line - the dream of any angler is to hook up a huge lunker during a tournament. Hooking up a fish that weighs 14+ pounds during a tournament is now Dennis' reality. That Thunder Rattle Jig hooked up two fish and more than half of Dennis' total weight for the two-day tournament.

Needless to say, Dennis is now more familiar with Cyclone Baits and Bayou Outdoors. After the tournament, he contacted us to share his story, and the story keeps getting better. The Big Bass was turned over to the Texas Freshwater Fisheries Center to become fish #431 of the Budweiser ShareLunker Program - View Full Stats.

Dennis Weaver's trophy bass didn't challenge the Texas state record, but it will be released into an aquarium at Cabelas in Buda, TX to join other trophy fish.

Cyclone Baits has now become Dennis' go-to bait for jigs and spinnerbaits, so the story continues with more fishing, catching and dreams of tournament trophy bass. Congratulations Dennis!

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