Bayou Giant — An Eddie Halbrook Original

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Eddie Halbrook - 2005 Smurfit Stone Container Champion caught the winning 6.41 lb. Big Bass on a V&M Bayou Giant.

April 11, 2005

Natchitoches, LA — The Bayou Giant is one of the largest soft plastic worms on the market, and it is a 14 inch fish catching monster that Eddie Halbrook himself designed, created and helped to perfect. Anglers who can look past its enormous size, will learn the history and the secrets to the success of the Bayou Giant as told from Eddie himself.

Eddie Halbrook goes on to say...

History — I’ve been a fisherman for seventeen years. It took a big worm to catch a big fish, so I started making my own big soft plastic worms about four years ago. It started out as a hobby – making my own worms and taking people out fishing. I only made a few colors; all my colors were dark. That’s how the Bayou Giant got started. Nobody made a 14 inch worm. Later, I partnered with Bayou Outdoors about two years ago to make the Bayou Giant under the V&M brand. I tested the prototypes and directed V&M to make changes to finally arrive at the bait that you see today. While testing the prototypes, I caught big and small fish, so I knew I had the best of both worlds.

Design — The Bayou Giant works in rivers and lakes equally well. I catch small bass (about 2 pounds) and large bass (anything from 5 to 12 pounds). The length of the U-shaped ribbon tail and its tail action is what makes this worm so good. You just throw it out there and the tail will move on its own with just a small boat wave. There is no doubt in my mind that it is the tail design that is the key to the success of this worm.

Color — There are several colors I like to use. When I fish in muddy water, I use a darker color. In bright sunny days and fishing clear water, I use brighter colors. I fish the Bayou Giant during the day and at night. I just use a darker color at night, that’s the only difference. The Mardi Gras color is one of my original colors that I made; it has green, purple, and gold glitter that the fish could see better when fishing at night under star light. Bayou Outdoors makes the Bayou Giant in a lot of colors now, but the colors I wanted them to produce are Junebug, Red Shad, any of the Watermelon colors and other colors that have red in them. Bayou Outdoors has produced some bright colors that have done very well, such as Cajun Candy, Firebug and Junebug Red. Normally, the three colors I use are Mardi Gras, Junebug and Watermelon Red. I test new bait colors for Bayou Outdoors, and I can tell you that there are some new colors coming out that are going to work very well.

Technique — I mostly fish it Texas rigged with a heavy 3/8 oz. weight. I also like to fish it Carolina rigged with a heavy weight. I fish it with a heavy weight because nine times out of ten I am fishing the Bayou Giant in deep water, water that is 10 to 30 feet – sometimes 40 feet deep. I can feel the fish bite better using a heavier weight. Now, if I am fishing in heavy grass, the heavier weight will let me punch through the grass better. Most of the time, I am fishing in creek and river channels because I have found out over the years that the bigger fish use these as migration routes during spawning season and in the summer time they naturally are in deeper water. I can work the bait around brush piles better, flip it around trees, or I can flip it like a jig by just pegging the weight. There are several ways to fish the Bayou Giant. This spring, I experimented with floating it, using it like a floating worm, and I have done good with it along the banks and around lily pads.

Experience — I fish with the Bayou Giant from May through October in Louisiana. I have been lucky to catch several fish well over ten pounds in the last couple of years – what I call a double-digit fish. I have been fortunate to catch a lot of fish from five to ten pounds on several Louisiana lakes that I guide on, including D'Arbone Lake, Grand Bayou and Caney Lake. Also, I have caught fish over seven pounds in the Red River.

Perceptions — As a fishing guide, I have seen my customers react when I pull that 14 inch Bayou Giant out of its bag. First of all, they can’t believe I am going the throw out something that big, but after a day of fishing they are amazed that their stringer of small to large fish was caught with that giant worm.

Eddie Halbrook is a professional fishing guide and a long time friend of V&M baits and Bayou Outdoors. Check out the Bayou Giant for yourself because it isn't a question of whether it hooks up bass — it's really a question of whether you are going to try it.

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